Story about school

School in Antoby Est

With the help of a Salesian missionary Don Vladimír and several volunteers we have built an elementary school in a village of Antoby Es in Madagascar. It was opened in November 2017 and 230 children of local farmers attends the school. Main reason why I did it was so people could save their own country and didn’t have to leave out to the world searching for better life. I believe that education will open their eyes.
Skola Anezka

There are stories in my life that I could never imagine back in my youth – I didn’t know who I was and what I was capable of. I needed to get older to acknowledge that. I believe in every age group there is something nice to be found. And I understood what it was in your fifties. I’m finally myself, I can make decisions on things that only I want and not ask others for approval. 

To build a school was a crazy idea, but I told myself to give it a try because I met a person whom I trust and lives in Madagascar for over 30 years. I didn’t hesitate for a second. It is important in life to be decisive, so I was. The school was my dream. We have built it under a year. I received the first pictures, how the children were helping their parents dig the foundations, how the bricks were handed over on carriages and it was like  in an old movie. It made me cry. My decision made me happy. 

I continued dreaming about the reality if things, if the children would be as happy as me. Nothing disappointed me. On the contrary, I received a lot more than expected. The feeling of happiness in your heart cannot be replaced by any amount of money nor any material valuables, no high fashion purse, no jewelry, no expensive car. That feeling of happiness cannot be taken away from me, I’ll take it to my grave. 

The school in Antoby Est has taught me to listen to my inner self and not to overthink things, because the reality of life, against your will, often leads you wherever the world wants. I’m happy with my decision to follow my dream, that the school is there and that I can write other important stories around it. 

The school was furnished and fully equipped by SLOVAKAID resources, which was a great help.