Anežka Boriová

Who is Anežka


an active volunteer and inspirational founder of a school in Madagascar.

As a traveler she has visited this unique green island and was tremendously touched by the poverty of the local people. After twenty years of commercial business she has sold her successful company and donated part of her profit into building an elementary school in the local village Antoby Est. The school has been operating since 2017 and has 230 students. Anežka Boriová wants to continue to help in Madagascar – currently organizing a charity fundraising to build a drinking water pipeline for the school and neighboring villages. Last year’s successful project was collecting and delivering 120 functioning bicycles, which were not needed in Slovakia, to the students, teachers and doctors in Madagascar.


About the school, bicycles, water and hospital...

Skola Anezka

School in Antoby Est

With the help of a Salesian missionary Don Vladimír and several volunteers we have built an elementary school in a village of Antoby Es in Madagascar…

Príbeh bicykle

During my travels across Madagascar I was fascinated by the resourcefulness of people, how for example they can load one old bicycle with four large bags of coal…

Príbeh o vode

I was stunned by looking at a mother and her children, how they carry container with water on their heads from afar so they have drinks and food to cook…

Nemocnica v Miarinarivo

My first, completely spontaneous thought that was running through my mind was if we could bring some redundant beds from our hospitals to help this one in Miarinarivo…

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